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Introducing Altitude Angel

We’re Altitude Angel, and we’re passionate about drones and the benefits they can bring – not only commercially, but to our society. Like you, we’re acutely aware that no matter how beneficial, the increasing popularity and use of drones will lead to greater risk to people and property.

The safe integration of drones into our national airspaces – on a global basis – is one of our key objectives, and we are building key technologies that will enable an industry to bloom while helping it with the hefty task of solving some of the more difficult challenges associated with safety and navigation. Our mission is to provide the world with the tools and the platform it needs to unlock the potential in our drones and to do so safely, respecting the safety of people, property and other aviation traffic.

Making our drones, and their operators, smarter

We want to make it easier for companies and consumers to rapidly adopt this technology by helping to make their drones ‘smarter’, and helping to better inform their operators.That’s one reason we’ve launched our Drone Safety Map, a free, global resource that shows detailed hazard information about the place you intend to fly. We’ve focused on highlighting ground hazards, but more categories are on the way.

What if our drones and our drone apps could set up automatic geofencing, know about the local laws governing drone flight or avoid areas with privacy concerns?

Our Safety Map visually represents a lot of the data available to our developers, integrators and drone manufacturers, who can utilise our continuously-updating data to set up automatic geofencing for their drones. But it doesn’t show everything, yet.

Things like power lines, substation infrastructure, schools, nurseries and railway infrastructure are all available; in fact there are some 17,000,000 ground hazards in our global database, and counting.

In the next few weeks, it’ll be updated to include detailed airspace restrictions and classifications too.


The drone industry was born out of back-yard innovation, and the very adoption of this technology that we want to facilitate is at risk if we ask companies and operators to stop focusing on innovation and get bogged-down with the implementation of ever-changing laws and regulations. And if it’s difficult for the big companies to get it right, with their millions of dollars and who want to sell their products on the global stage, how can we expect a consumer to keep up-to-speed? Right around the world, people are falling foul of local laws, often without even realising that the laws existed in the first place.

Earlier this year, businessman Robert Knowles was hit with an £800 fine and costs of £3,500 after admitting to flying a drone within 50 metres of a bridge in Cumbria and flying over a BAE Systems submarine testing site.


Our cloud services are designed to be easily integrated into both existing drones and new drones, as well either drone control mobile apps or cloud services, with minimal effort required by the vendor. By completing integration once, drones are automatically compliant with local laws, with access to the latest ground and aerial hazard data, and their operators can be much better informed about the airspace and conditions in which they intend to fly.


As drone pilots, we all have a responsibility to operate our flying things safely; to ensure that we have properly completed due dilligence prior to a flight. We believe that the more information you have, the safer you can fly. That’s why we’re giving away our Drone Safety Map completely for free.

The (very) near future…

By developing technology we’ve dubbed the Internet of Flying Things™ we’ve created a system that can be used by everyone from the largest manufacturer or cloud fleet operator, down to the individual hobbyist and everything in between. Drones or apps equipped with our technology are automatically connected to our drone air traffic control system where we monitor multiple data sources in real-time and can generate warnings to pilots with ‘default instructions’ that will be sent to their drone should the warning be neither accepted or rejected. We call this ‘co-piloting’, because you’re always in charge. If we detect something you need to know about, we’ll tell you and also calculate an optimal action for you to take to avoid the danger. You can choose to ignore our recommendation, for example, but if you ignore it then we’ll assume that you either haven’t seen it or are unable to respond to it, and for safety will therefore attempt to take the action for you.

In the coming weeks we’ll release further details about our platform and planned services and, as pioneers in drone services, we’re actively encouraging adoption of our platform and feedback from our community.

We’re really excited about the potential of this technology, and we can’t wait to tell you more about the benefits of Altitude Angel soon.

Altitude Angel

Altitude Angel

Altitude Angel is an award-winning provider of UTM (Unified Traffic Management) software, enabling those planning to operate, or develop UTM/U-Space solutions, to quickly integrate robust data and services with minimum effort.

From a consistent, well-documented and standards-based platform, drone manufacturers such as DJI and cutting-edge software developers around the world use our Developer Platform to obtain rich, relevant and local geofencing data, exchange and share flight plans, de-conflict their own flights in real-time and interface with national flight authorisation systems. A growing portfolio of enhanced capabilities help our customers to comply with current and future regulations and interface with changing national systems with only minimal effort.

Altitude Angel’s first party solutions also power some of the world’s leading ANSPs, aviation authorities and Enterprises, including LVNL (Netherlands) and Avinor (Norway), empowering them with new capabilities to safely manage and integrate drone traffic into national operations.

Today, Altitude Angel’s market-defining technology is providing a critical, enabling service on which the future of UTM, especially in controlled airspace, will be built across the globe.

By unlocking the potential of drones and helping national aviation authorities, ANSPs, developers and enterprise organisations, Altitude Angel is establishing new services to support the growth in the drone industry.

In 2021 Altitude Angel won a prestigious Air Traffic Management (ATM) Magazine Award in the ‘UTM Service Suppliers’ category, which recognises pioneering technologies and procedures developed by UTM service suppliers to advance safety and complex operations, for its Pop-Up UTM platform.  Read more about the awards here.

Altitude Angel was founded by Richard Parker in 2014 and is headquartered in Reading, UK.

Altitude Angel’s developer platform is open and available to all at


For further information please contact:

Stephen Farmer, Altitude Angel, Head of Corporate Communications & PR

+44 (0)118 391 3503

[email protected]