Announcing GuardianUTM – unmanned air traffic control and centralised intelligence for drones and their operators.

October 19, 2016

Today, at The Commercial UAV Show in London, we are pleased to announce the official launch of GuardianUTM: our solution to the growing challenge of safely integrating drones into our skies. GuardianUTM caters for drone flights that take place today (typically under Visual Flight Rules), and crucially, lays the technical and procedural foundations for fully automated drone flights in the future.



Introducing GuardianUTM from Altitude Angel on Vimeo.

GuardianUTM uses revolutionary cloud technologies to provide secure, robust unmanned aerial system traffic management (UTM) capabilities to any drone, any where at any time. It is built for massive scale secure global operations, supporting millions of drones and operators in real-time.

It is the only platform to provide a solution that supports both recreational and professional drone operators, while being built for internet-scale secure operations, with a capability to scale to fully automated drone operations when (and where) regulations permit.

GuardianUTM incorporates dynamic airspace management to provide safe integration for all airspace users, and works both with – and crucially, without – the need for filing flight plans in advance.

Now, for the first time, the world has access to a consistent source of accurate and relevant data specifically for drone operations, such as aeronautical, real-time NOTAM, weather, hazard and even telemetry data from manned aircraft carrying an ADS-B transponder or visible to radar.

This means drone manufacturers, app developers and other aviation community stakeholders can call upon a central service to receive the data they need, or share the data they produce, to improve overall safety in global airspace.

GuardianUTM provides for drone and operator identity verification and registration. The system can utilise this data to deliver personalised “no-fly zone” maps (more commonly referred to as “geo-fences”) that are tailored to the person, or drone, making the request for the information because there simply isn’t such a thing as a “no fly zone map for all”. Now, each individual’s circumstances, mission characteristics, drone payload and operator qualifications/exemptions can be taken into account dynamically, to give the richest, most accurate airspace picture available.

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