Real-time data & services to help you successfully integrate your products into National Airspace

Make your next drone a smart one.

Imagine if your next drone could automatically avoid hazardous areas, no-fly zones or restricted areas with real-time continuously-updated data. What if it knew where it was being flown, and automatically helped the pilot fly in compliance with the current laws? What if it could avoid collisions with other drones, or manned aviation?

Altitude Angel's cloud platform is the only service designed to put you in control by giving you access to the most authoritative, accurate data sources to catalyse your product development and ensure your customers can fly their drones safely and responsibly in today's changing landscape.

Key scenarios

Delivered using our Drone Services Platform:

Personalised Geofencing

Problem: Geofencing has gone beyond simple 'no fly zones'. Global regulations stipulate concessions, exemptions and extensions for various classes of operation and operator qualification.

Solution: Our Personalised Geofencing® API combines operator and regulatory data, together with mapping information, to return the 'correct' no-fly zone data directly.

Flight & Data Logging

Problem: Drones generate a lot of sensor and metadata. Many countries also require "provable due-diligence" and operators are increasingly demanding automatic logging.

Solution: Our logging and data APIs make it easy to uniquely store flight telemetry real-time or post-flight, together with any ancilliary sensor data for easy retrieval at any future date.


Problem: Selling products in different jurisdictions is difficult and that is only going to get more challenging as new regulations take place. As a manufacturer, your customers will want to know their drones will help them obey all relevant rules.

Solution: Using our regulatory APIs, we have the world's most comprehensive digital representation of aeronautical laws and ordnances governing drone flights, meaning when they change, your drones' behavior can also change.

Because making drones is what you do best.

Acquiring aeronautical, topographical, environmental and legislative datasets aren't even your biggest concern. Knowing what is relevant to your customers and their specific operations is becoming increasingly important and ever-more complex. But, we can help.

Altitude Angel insulates you from the changing regulatory landscape by ensuring your drones are always compliant with local laws and can be safely integrated into National Airspace Systems. Our best-in-class services can not only deliver the data you need, but jump-start your drone projects by delivering ready-to-go personalised Geo-Fencing, Manned Aviation Awareness, Airspace Alerts, Collision Avoidance and much, much more.

Our experienced technical experts will have your project flying in no time at all.

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